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* Do you take insurance?

- No, we cannot accept any insurance coverage.

* How many treatments will I need and how often?

- It depends on what your complaint is. Most treatments require only one visit, smoking, and many others. More complicated cases such as addiction or phobia can take up to 4 visits, usually a week apart. 

* Can I make an appointment for my husband to stop smoking?

- No, for smoking or addiction of any type the person with the problem must agree.

* Can I bring someone with me?

- Yes, but for some procedures the guest can not be in the room, check in advance.

* Can I get in right away?

- Yes, we often have same day appointments.

* Will hypnosis work on a young child?

- Yes, generally, children are better subjects than adults. I do not work with children under 7 years old.

* Have you ever seen a case as strange as mine?

- Yes, but I'm always open for a new challenge. 

* Can you help me with self-esteem and social skills?

- Yes, many people, young and old, have had their lives changed for the


* Is hypnotherapy regulated by the government?

- Yes, in some states, by the state. The Federal Government does not

regulate hypnosis.

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